My Perfect Day

The core idea behind your perfect day isn't to have minute by minute filled exactly how it is in your head, but to populate most of your day with habits, activities, people that will elevate your personal happiness and bring you closer to your goals. Your goal is to paint your ideal day of life and envision it in detail. Try and be as specific as possible. Also, have in mind that the idea is to have as many good or great days as possible, if it happens that you have one, two, or more off, you need to sit down, and go through this again, to see if your circumstances have changed, and how much do you need to adapt your approach. Below you will find questions that will help you sequentially map out your ideal day. You can even cover these in one writing, as if you were writing a novel, and trying to explain to someone how a perfect Sunday would look like. If your workweek compared to the weekend is quite different, I suggest you take that into account as well.

Questions to think about
  • How many hours of sleep do I need to remain healthy and focused throughout the day?
  • When do I go to sleep, and when do I wake up?
  • Where do I wake up? (envision in detail your environment)
  • Who do I live with? How do I interact with them from early morning until the evening?
  • What do I do during the day?
  • Who do I interact with the most, and how do those interactions make me feel?
  • What feelings and desires I have?
  • What activities do I want to be involved with, and when? Think hobbies, passion projects, etc.
  • Where is my energy going?
  • Who do I talk to during the day?
  • What rituals do I have in the morning, during the day, and in the evening?
  • How do I close my day? What exactly do I do?
  • How do I feel before going to bed?

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