Values are subjective, personal, emotional, and arguable, while principles are objective, factual, impersonal, and self-evident because they are indisputable. Principles are universal truths based on natural laws. While our values govern our behaviors, principles govern the consequences of those behaviors.

Write down the principles that you want to live by and to be known for.

My principles are:

Principle 1:
Principle 2:
Principle 3:
Principle 4:
Principle 5:
Principle 6:
Principle 7:
Principle 8:
Principle 9:
Principle 10:

We are adding some examples of principles (mostly by Ray Dalio) that you can pick or get inspiration from. What resonates most with you?

  2. Be a hyperrealist
  3. Truth is the essential foundation for any good outcome
  4. Be radically open-minded and radically transparent
  5. Learn from nature, continue evolving, and be a good person
  6. Pain + Reflection = Progress
  7. Own your outcomes
  8. Confront weaknesses
  10. Recognize your two barriers (ego and blind spots)
  11. Practice radical open-mindedness
  12. Make decisions effectively
  13. Synthesize well
  14. Make decisions as expected value calculations
  15. Weigh the value of additional information against the cost of not deciding
  16. Weigh decisions according to the believability
  17. Convert your principles in algorithms and recruit a computer
  18. Conflicts are essential for great relationships
  19. Know how to get in sync and how to disagree well
  20. Be open-minded and assertive at the same time
  21. Principles can’t be ignored
  22. Don’t confuse the right to complain, give advice, and openly debate with the right to make a decision
  23. Don’t leave important conflicts unresolved
  24. Support a decision once its made, regardless of individual disagreement
  25. Provide constant feedback and evaluate accurately

Some of my personal principles:

  • Massive bias towards action ⠀
  • Practice Excellence ⠀
  • Working with positive, driven, honest people is a priority⠀
  • Playing long term game ⠀
  • Spot opportunities and luck⠀
  • Escape competition through authenticity ⠀
  • Build reputation: loyalty, trust, long term relations⠀
  • Become the best at one thing: arm yourself with specific knowledge ⠀
  • Seek wisdom: knowing the long term consequences of your actions ⠀
  • Productize and scale yourself ⠀
  • Honesty and Integrity is key for long term relationships⠀
  • Being a good human being ⠀
  • Continuous systematic improvement yields great results⠀
  • Living life the way I want it ⠀
  • Putting extraordinary efforts and achieving extraordinary results ⠀
  • Seek vision and clarity ⠀
  • Dream big and set audacious goals ⠀
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