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Hi there, my name is Denys and I am the creator of MyLife framework.

Below you will find a video that I recorded to give you a jumping point, and explain how to best use this framework.

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Essentials: Clarity and vision
Goal setting #1
Goal setting #2
Lists: dreams, intentions, and people

Guiding Principles

Here are some of the principles you should have in mind while filling this framework, and on the ongoing basis while you use it.

1. Goals are flexible

Your annual goals can be altered anytime if you feel like something has changed or you have new priorities. It’s totally fine.

2. Be honest with yourself

Often we think we want or we need something, but in reality, we don’t. It’s society or the people around us who shape our choices or expect something out of us. I believe it’s crucial to be very honest with yourself and figure out, “What do I really want?”

3. In a moment of doubt, open the framework

Many of us face hard times, depression and uncertainty. It’s always helpful for me to get back to level zero and look at my principles and values, all the ambitious plans and goals I’ve laid out. They give positive energy and guide you forward.

4. A system beats the hustle

Having routines and an organized system with processes yields the best results. Build systems and habits that empower you.

5. Be clear what you want

Clarity is crucial. Be clear of what you want, why you want it and make a plan to achieve it. This framework is designed to help you with that.

6. Assemble a team that will help you

It takes more than one person to build something outstanding. Assemble your “team” of people who truly support you and can help you. Friends who push you forward, mentors and coaches who give perspective, A-level colleagues and others will create an environment where you can flourish.

7. Improve your skills and knowledge

Learning fast every day. Be hungry for knowledge. Ask people who have done it. Polish your skills and ideally we must find one thing to become the best in the world at it.

8. Face what’s not working

Insanity is when we do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. We must be aware enough to look at facts and change our approach if something is not working.

9. Know what it takes

Try to understand what it would take to get where you want and if you are ready to pay this price. That’s why imagining the final result is not enough, we must look at the journey there and see if we are willing to do what it takes.

10. Minimize regrets

Big dreams take the same amount of energy as small dreams. Take actions and try different things so in the future you won’t be regretting not even trying and not following your dreams.

11. Have fun and enjoy the journey

In the end it is indeed about the journey, relationship, love and joy from everyday activities. So don’t take life too serious and enjoy the journey.

Life is a miracle itself so let’s be grateful and make great things happen.

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